Monday, November 13, 2006

Vogue Treatment

Abigail is 19, and a freshman in a state college. She goes to every few days and checks out the newest fashions. She works in retail at a clothing store in the mall by her dorm. She lives only a few miles outside of a major city, and the mall is upscale. She takes the time and spends the money to make sure that, even if she can't afford most of the stuff from Vogue, she will get as close as she can to that lifestyle.
She has three favorite locations on this website. The first is the "Printable Fashions" link that is directly on the homepage. When she clicks this, she is guided to a screen on which she can choose photographs or fashion sketches from recent shows. She can print them out with a high-quality printer and post them on her dorm wall. Over the summers she will take some of the pictures of the simpler dresses and fashioins down off of her wall, and take them home with her, and she and her mother will work on sewing the clothes themselves.
The next link she takes is to the Fashion Review page where she can read various articles and see pictures from the latest fashion shows. Here she can also click to a streaming video link and watch fashion shows. Lastly, there is the "Vogue Room" link where she can go to see the fashions that only Vogue can get ahold of. It features private runway shows, photo shoots, and a feeling of exclusive access she can get nowhere else.


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