Friday, October 20, 2006

you ain't seen muffin yet!

Well, Its definitely almost 5 on Thursday night. You know, they say Thursday is the new Friday.
So of course I went to the Famous, just like I do on as many Thursdays as I can. And guess who was there? Mysterious fancy-dressed-alone-dancing-guy. And he was wearing this sharp-ass Navy track suit with green hightlights. Great suit. Looked quite in-the-money, as ususal, and was dancing up a storm. I missed the white Gilligan hat this time, though. What a shame, it really is.
I realized a few things tonight, as well as the tragedy that Dance-Man is alone; I realized that, due to the constricted, college-life camping budget of my friends and I, we will have a dickload of beer...SHITTY beer, to be precise. Which is fine, you know, I can choke it down. But I really wish we had something GOOD to drink while pseudo-roughing it. Irish coffee?? Whiskey? I'm open to suggestions.
Alright, campers...until next time! (there will be no posts until about 10-23, due to the fact that the Appalachians have no wireless system.)
Until then, I'm going to test out this link-poster feature one more time, and see if I can't get some good sites to y'all:

as well as, the fact that, if one wanted to use this site to learn how to Yodel, one probably couldnt because its so damn confusing. And look at that little character-mascot guy!!!


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