Wednesday, October 18, 2006

warning, stream of consciousness abounds.

Is there anything better than sitting in the afternoon, drinking coffee and watching the History Channel? I really don't believe there is. The only thing I would change would be the fact that all thats on the History Channel are things about Hitler and the war.
I really want to take salsa dancing lessons.
And I really wish I could buy some stuff like this:

I like this site, too. The colors are pretty nice, and its fairly easy to understand. And it says right there in the top bar, "purchase." So if I actually could get some of that stuff, I would know EXACTLY how to do it!
Oh, and I TOTALLY LOVE those new world series commercials. With the Indians fans hiding in the cabinets, and the announcer guy is awesome, and the writing is great. "So what if your team is out? You're baseball fans! I live for this, you live for this, to the TV!!!"
It's the shit.
Hahaha this just came out of the TV: "Hitler was furious." Get it? Furherious? HAHAHAH! God I slay myself.
And Hitler totally could have used a makeover. Look at that emo hair! And lets not start on the dirty sanchez on his upper lip.
Anyway, enough about Hitler.
And enough about this writing. I need to get a shower and go shopping for groceries.


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