Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday night

Just a daily update. Doing quite well, homework done, looking to go out and do a little dancing on this lovely, chilly Saturday night. But for now, a quite appalling website:
I just wanted to know what their food was like. Look at those pictures at the bottom! Football players meld into wing platters, and finally end up morphing into a basketball court. Other than that, the writing seems to be decent, but those pictures continually distract me. And the chicken with the jersey and sunglasses, wow.
I do like, however. I think the site is really easy to use, written well, and the event is for a great cause. And one last one: (AK is going to hate me for this)
What if I really wanted to go to a hockey game? WELL that would be TOO BAD because its so painfully hard to find your way around this site, you might as well drizzle all 10 of your toes in soy sauce and gnaw them off. It's complete sensory overload.
All for now!


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