Monday, October 16, 2006


Well I skipped a day. Whoops! Anyway, I'm here now, and it sure is a dreary day out. But as long as I have my microwaved cup of day-old coffee and the internet, I'm sure I'll make it.
Things are getting curiouser and curiouser at my house these days. My step-mother is going somewhat mad, one could say. In the throws of menopause, and racked with what I believe is a newly discovered eating disorder, her emotions and moods are so out-of-this-world that one hardly knows what to expect. Its hardest on my dad, though. He doesn't know what to say when one minute shes cuddling him on the couch and the next she's berating him for some business trip he took without her 14 years ago. Its so weird. And I can tell he's having second thoughts about that whole "till death do us part" stuff. (of course they were married in a courtroom, so I dont really know how that translates into legal jargon)
Anyway. At least it makes for interesting meals, getting to sit across from her and just marvel at the ridiculousness (a word? I don't know! I'm such an awesome copywriter!) of her behavior. Drinking too much and slurring her words and condescending to us. If I can manage to not let it hurt me, its hilarious.
Next thing you know shes going to beat the crap out of me with a wire coathanger.

On to lighter things. If anyone can still get ahold of it, the latest issue of Creative Loafing, (The FOOD Issue, Oct 12 - 18) has a great article on comparing Capote with the NEW Capote movie Infamous.
It's pretty biting. Makes me not even want to get close to a theater playing that new movie. Also, as for another movie review per MOI:

The Science of Sleep
Folks, I recommend seeing this at Midown Art and or any other cinema that serves alcoholic beverages. You're gonna want one.
Basically, all that needs to be said is, even though they were written by different people, they were directed by the same man, and, if you've seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you've pretty much seen The Science of Sleep.

It's pretty predictable, there are a few occasions where laughing is called for and appropriate, but most of the time, The Science of Sleep is going to school you in the art of doing just that.

God I would make a terrible critic.
More websites soon to come.


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