Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More trucks.

Well I can see now, the majority of my entries are going to invovle semi trucks.
First off, I almost got clipped by one two days ago, and I actually called the 1-800 number. (I hope that motherfucker gets fired. Pardon my french.)
Secondly, and this sounds totally cheesy like some 11th grade protest kid, but I saw the tucked-up ramp of this fairly large truck (it wasnt a semi, it was like the size of a UHaul) with one of those American flag stickers that says "proud to be an American." But then the AMERICAN part was ripped off, along with the edges of the flag. How utterly symbolic is THAT? It's like, you know, the sticker was like, just like, telling me to just be proud to BE!
(That last part was a little sarcastic, in case you couldn't tell.)


Blogger Witt said...

I know I'm slacking on my own blog, but if anything, it's because I'm camping out on yours.

I saw a piece of paper in Found magazine a couple years ago, and it was tucked off to the edge of the page kind of in no man's land. I had heard the editor say on NPR that it was his personal favorite. What did it say, you ask?

I Love.

That's it. Nothing more. I saw it, like you with your "Proud To Be" sticker, as an affirmation of an emotionally aware human being. Just a general statement, but man, sometimes that speaks volumes.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Kendra_B said...

of semi trucks:

when i was a portfolio center student, i left radio class one day, drove down peachtree toward my place in midtown, and, stopped in the curb lane at collier, had the front of my 91 cavalier RUN OVER by a semi turning right from the center lane. The windshield cracked a terrifying spiderweb. The frame buckled, and I was in the passenger seat screaming and running through my life in brief flashes by the time the dumbass driver realized he was hitting something.

His comment, when I got out of the car to ask WTF? "Didn't you SEE my turn signal?"

The point: Life blindsides you. Semis are often purveyors of much more significance than you'd think. And cavaliers...damn. Those are some sturdy cars. (After throwing it in reverse and un-sticking it from under the semi bed...I drove it home, amazingly.)

6:52 PM  

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