Friday, October 13, 2006

A Light Fall

Another end to another lovely day. I'm pretty glad it's getting cold again, and I love the smell of fall in the air. I wonder what that is exactly...leaves drying out and falling? Acorn residue? Oh, and campfires! If all goes according to plan, this time next week, three of my girlfriends and I should be pitching camp on the side of Charlie Mountain in Clayton, and lighting a fire. I'm pretty good at camping. As long as its 'cushy.' You know, bottled water, newspaper to help start the fire, s'mores, etc.
Went to the Famous last night with a few people. That bar tends to be so depressing. (I hear the Circus throws their Baddies party there...not the best choice, I think.) As if blaring gangsta rap and overweight male bartenders isnt bad enough, there's a stripper pole in the back. Shameless, true, but the best people-watching opp in Decatur. There's this guy there EVERY Thursday that never really appears to be WITH anyone, but he dresses to the nines, and dances robot-esque all over the club. He could be anywhere at any given time. In the corner, on the pole, next to the bar or by the bathrooms. It's almost like he's hired entertainment. But he sure is dedicated. I wonder what his life is like? Is his entire week contingent upon going to The Famous on Thursdays? Is he lonely? Does he think some girl (or guy) is just going to approach him and go, "Nice moves! Wanna do it?"
Or is he not in it for the sex appeal? Is he just there cause he LOVES to dance? That's what I like to think. I also like to think his name is Roger. (no offense, Roger from class.)
oh yeah, and there's this, which is awesome:

And I found this:

It's really, really basic, and for a website that is supposed to give tips on building a GOOD website, it certainly isnt that great looking. The text-change thing is REALLY annoying. (I bet there's a technical term for that, but damn if I know.) But I was thinking I might be able to glean something from it.
I guess I'd better be getting to my homework, then!


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