Sunday, October 22, 2006

CAMPING part I (no pictures)

Well, at long last I'm back in the city where I belong. It sure is good to be home. But I will give this past weekend the credit it deserves. It was awesome.
Of course, like any road trip, there are bumps along the way - Friday we were supposed to get going at around 11 AM. But 11 turned into 12, and then 1, and then continued right to 2 and 3, and then at 4, everyone was STILL running around trying to get ready and packed. We finally departed at around 5:30, only to hit a brick wall of Friday afternoon traffic THe on 85 North. It was horrific. It usually only takes about two hours to get to Clayton, Georgia, but we didn't get there till right around 9 PM. It was dark. It was cold. And we had to set up the tents using only fire and two flashlights.
But we sure as hell made it work, you'd better believe. By 10:30 we'd pitched camp and had spaghetti-os heating up on the fire. The case of Bud Light went quicker than I'd originally expected, and by midnight, we were all pretty warped.
The party in question consisted of me, my boyfriend Arthur, his room mate and best friend Micah, as well as Micah's girlfriend and my good friend Kasumi. With us was also MY absolute BEST FRIEND since the age of six, Maggie. We made a pretty lethal five-some. I'll have to continue this later...I need to get a good nights rest on a surface that is not cold, gravely ground.


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