Monday, October 30, 2006

paging Mr. Sam Hane, Mr. Sam Hane, your party is bitchin'

GOD it seems I never have time to write anymore. Not just in here, which I should be doing anyway, but my pleasure writing has almost completely stopped. Its fairly depressing. I was reading through my old journal from last year, most specifically this time last year, and I was really writing a LOT. Of course I was only first quarter...ha ha ha.
Anyway, Halloween weekend was stunning. I started Friday night at around 11 with Kasumi, Micah and Arthur, and we all went to this one apartment, where, unbeknownst to Kasumi and I, there were about a dozen hardcore nerds milling about in costume. (A few of whom were LARPers, and so they were somewhat used to the costume thing.) Let's just say, after a while, the drinking picked up, a whip with leather thongs was brought out, and, well. I don't shun the whole S & M thing, in fact I support it, but usually I don't want to watch other do it, and if they're going to make a party out of it, they'd better make damn sure that everyone present knows exactly what is going to happen. So we left.
Then there was this big house party in East Atlanta, nothing special, about half a dozen Strawberry Shortcakes and Rainbow Brites, and even a guy dressed as a keg. We made an early night of it, my heels were killing me.
But Saturday. Oh, Saturday. Saturday dumped everything I ever thought I knew about parties on its rosy red ass. Kasumi actually lives in the Sampson Street lofts, and when I first got there I didn't think the party would be much. It was only nine, though, and I still had much more driving to do, and it would be hours still before I could properly party.
I dropped Arthur off and headed to Blakes. THAT was an awesome party. I wish I could have stayed longer. Above all, though, I really wish I could have seen whoever it was fall in that weird little lap pool they have out back there. What a bizarre little body of water.
Then, around 12, back to Sampson street. And DAMN. There were costumed nitwits everywhere. It was fantastic! By the time I finally got in the door, I could hardly believe it. The place was so huge, and there were so many people, it was incredible. Absolutely alarming. SO many creative costumes! A box of crayons, elaborate pirates, soldiers, and even this guy, who had, BY FAR the best costume ever:

Say hello to Mr. Spirit Warrior Katchinka doll guy. I couldn't believe it. That was a MOP on his head!!! What creativity! What passion! What a costume!
This one was pretty good too, made moreso with the PBR:

This is my friend Max, whom I told the moment I met him that he resembled Gene Wilder. I think he made my night by being Willy Wonka.

Kasumi in her excellent Bear costume:

me in my dumb goth getup:

Arthur with his melty face:

Micah and someone else's hat:

And lastly, the whole shebang thrown together:

Happy Halloween everyone. And also, take a look at this photographer's website. I think it's pretty bad. I mean I can tell the photographer loves her work, but honestly! Plus the site needs a load of work, too:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Brief Update

I'm not dead, just busy. Pictures later.

For now, just this.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

CAMPING part I (no pictures)

Well, at long last I'm back in the city where I belong. It sure is good to be home. But I will give this past weekend the credit it deserves. It was awesome.
Of course, like any road trip, there are bumps along the way - Friday we were supposed to get going at around 11 AM. But 11 turned into 12, and then 1, and then continued right to 2 and 3, and then at 4, everyone was STILL running around trying to get ready and packed. We finally departed at around 5:30, only to hit a brick wall of Friday afternoon traffic THe on 85 North. It was horrific. It usually only takes about two hours to get to Clayton, Georgia, but we didn't get there till right around 9 PM. It was dark. It was cold. And we had to set up the tents using only fire and two flashlights.
But we sure as hell made it work, you'd better believe. By 10:30 we'd pitched camp and had spaghetti-os heating up on the fire. The case of Bud Light went quicker than I'd originally expected, and by midnight, we were all pretty warped.
The party in question consisted of me, my boyfriend Arthur, his room mate and best friend Micah, as well as Micah's girlfriend and my good friend Kasumi. With us was also MY absolute BEST FRIEND since the age of six, Maggie. We made a pretty lethal five-some. I'll have to continue this later...I need to get a good nights rest on a surface that is not cold, gravely ground.

Friday, October 20, 2006

you ain't seen muffin yet!

Well, Its definitely almost 5 on Thursday night. You know, they say Thursday is the new Friday.
So of course I went to the Famous, just like I do on as many Thursdays as I can. And guess who was there? Mysterious fancy-dressed-alone-dancing-guy. And he was wearing this sharp-ass Navy track suit with green hightlights. Great suit. Looked quite in-the-money, as ususal, and was dancing up a storm. I missed the white Gilligan hat this time, though. What a shame, it really is.
I realized a few things tonight, as well as the tragedy that Dance-Man is alone; I realized that, due to the constricted, college-life camping budget of my friends and I, we will have a dickload of beer...SHITTY beer, to be precise. Which is fine, you know, I can choke it down. But I really wish we had something GOOD to drink while pseudo-roughing it. Irish coffee?? Whiskey? I'm open to suggestions.
Alright, campers...until next time! (there will be no posts until about 10-23, due to the fact that the Appalachians have no wireless system.)
Until then, I'm going to test out this link-poster feature one more time, and see if I can't get some good sites to y'all:

as well as, the fact that, if one wanted to use this site to learn how to Yodel, one probably couldnt because its so damn confusing. And look at that little character-mascot guy!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

warning, stream of consciousness abounds.

Is there anything better than sitting in the afternoon, drinking coffee and watching the History Channel? I really don't believe there is. The only thing I would change would be the fact that all thats on the History Channel are things about Hitler and the war.
I really want to take salsa dancing lessons.
And I really wish I could buy some stuff like this:

I like this site, too. The colors are pretty nice, and its fairly easy to understand. And it says right there in the top bar, "purchase." So if I actually could get some of that stuff, I would know EXACTLY how to do it!
Oh, and I TOTALLY LOVE those new world series commercials. With the Indians fans hiding in the cabinets, and the announcer guy is awesome, and the writing is great. "So what if your team is out? You're baseball fans! I live for this, you live for this, to the TV!!!"
It's the shit.
Hahaha this just came out of the TV: "Hitler was furious." Get it? Furherious? HAHAHAH! God I slay myself.
And Hitler totally could have used a makeover. Look at that emo hair! And lets not start on the dirty sanchez on his upper lip.
Anyway, enough about Hitler.
And enough about this writing. I need to get a shower and go shopping for groceries.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More trucks.

Well I can see now, the majority of my entries are going to invovle semi trucks.
First off, I almost got clipped by one two days ago, and I actually called the 1-800 number. (I hope that motherfucker gets fired. Pardon my french.)
Secondly, and this sounds totally cheesy like some 11th grade protest kid, but I saw the tucked-up ramp of this fairly large truck (it wasnt a semi, it was like the size of a UHaul) with one of those American flag stickers that says "proud to be an American." But then the AMERICAN part was ripped off, along with the edges of the flag. How utterly symbolic is THAT? It's like, you know, the sticker was like, just like, telling me to just be proud to BE!
(That last part was a little sarcastic, in case you couldn't tell.)

Monday, October 16, 2006

A hilarious afterthought

I got a friend request on Myspace from this guy, and I couldnt stop laughing. Check out his page, but beware! It might freeze your computer, its so bogged down with HTML.


Well I skipped a day. Whoops! Anyway, I'm here now, and it sure is a dreary day out. But as long as I have my microwaved cup of day-old coffee and the internet, I'm sure I'll make it.
Things are getting curiouser and curiouser at my house these days. My step-mother is going somewhat mad, one could say. In the throws of menopause, and racked with what I believe is a newly discovered eating disorder, her emotions and moods are so out-of-this-world that one hardly knows what to expect. Its hardest on my dad, though. He doesn't know what to say when one minute shes cuddling him on the couch and the next she's berating him for some business trip he took without her 14 years ago. Its so weird. And I can tell he's having second thoughts about that whole "till death do us part" stuff. (of course they were married in a courtroom, so I dont really know how that translates into legal jargon)
Anyway. At least it makes for interesting meals, getting to sit across from her and just marvel at the ridiculousness (a word? I don't know! I'm such an awesome copywriter!) of her behavior. Drinking too much and slurring her words and condescending to us. If I can manage to not let it hurt me, its hilarious.
Next thing you know shes going to beat the crap out of me with a wire coathanger.

On to lighter things. If anyone can still get ahold of it, the latest issue of Creative Loafing, (The FOOD Issue, Oct 12 - 18) has a great article on comparing Capote with the NEW Capote movie Infamous.
It's pretty biting. Makes me not even want to get close to a theater playing that new movie. Also, as for another movie review per MOI:

The Science of Sleep
Folks, I recommend seeing this at Midown Art and or any other cinema that serves alcoholic beverages. You're gonna want one.
Basically, all that needs to be said is, even though they were written by different people, they were directed by the same man, and, if you've seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you've pretty much seen The Science of Sleep.

It's pretty predictable, there are a few occasions where laughing is called for and appropriate, but most of the time, The Science of Sleep is going to school you in the art of doing just that.

God I would make a terrible critic.
More websites soon to come.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday night

Just a daily update. Doing quite well, homework done, looking to go out and do a little dancing on this lovely, chilly Saturday night. But for now, a quite appalling website:
I just wanted to know what their food was like. Look at those pictures at the bottom! Football players meld into wing platters, and finally end up morphing into a basketball court. Other than that, the writing seems to be decent, but those pictures continually distract me. And the chicken with the jersey and sunglasses, wow.
I do like, however. I think the site is really easy to use, written well, and the event is for a great cause. And one last one: (AK is going to hate me for this)
What if I really wanted to go to a hockey game? WELL that would be TOO BAD because its so painfully hard to find your way around this site, you might as well drizzle all 10 of your toes in soy sauce and gnaw them off. It's complete sensory overload.
All for now!

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Light Fall

Another end to another lovely day. I'm pretty glad it's getting cold again, and I love the smell of fall in the air. I wonder what that is exactly...leaves drying out and falling? Acorn residue? Oh, and campfires! If all goes according to plan, this time next week, three of my girlfriends and I should be pitching camp on the side of Charlie Mountain in Clayton, and lighting a fire. I'm pretty good at camping. As long as its 'cushy.' You know, bottled water, newspaper to help start the fire, s'mores, etc.
Went to the Famous last night with a few people. That bar tends to be so depressing. (I hear the Circus throws their Baddies party there...not the best choice, I think.) As if blaring gangsta rap and overweight male bartenders isnt bad enough, there's a stripper pole in the back. Shameless, true, but the best people-watching opp in Decatur. There's this guy there EVERY Thursday that never really appears to be WITH anyone, but he dresses to the nines, and dances robot-esque all over the club. He could be anywhere at any given time. In the corner, on the pole, next to the bar or by the bathrooms. It's almost like he's hired entertainment. But he sure is dedicated. I wonder what his life is like? Is his entire week contingent upon going to The Famous on Thursdays? Is he lonely? Does he think some girl (or guy) is just going to approach him and go, "Nice moves! Wanna do it?"
Or is he not in it for the sex appeal? Is he just there cause he LOVES to dance? That's what I like to think. I also like to think his name is Roger. (no offense, Roger from class.)
oh yeah, and there's this, which is awesome:

And I found this:

It's really, really basic, and for a website that is supposed to give tips on building a GOOD website, it certainly isnt that great looking. The text-change thing is REALLY annoying. (I bet there's a technical term for that, but damn if I know.) But I was thinking I might be able to glean something from it.
I guess I'd better be getting to my homework, then!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


This is beginning to piss me off. For some reason I can only see 2 of my blog entries. Am I doing something WRONG? WHATS MY PROBLEM???

What is your problem?

Well, it sure is a lovely day.
On 75 South earlier this morning, I saw the coolest semi truck ever. On the very back of the lift door,in HUGE green letters, it said "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM ? " And the question mark was bigger than everything else. So curious was I, that I risked life and limb to pull up alongside and see what company would dare to put this on the back of their trucks. Low and behold, the side of the truck was blank and white. Right about this time I got caught in the traffic of the merge at 75/85, so I maneuvered around to the other side of the truck, and still nothing. An entirely white truck with only that on the back. Who? Why? What? It really made my day. Makes me want to just randomly interject that very question into my every-day life. What the hell IS my problem???
Also, check out Really clean website that isn't just about the park itself, but is a little mini-Atlanta guide. I like it a lot.

I hope everyone is having a marvelous Thursday.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Ok, well I don't know why my last post doesn't show the links. Sorry guys.
They were:

Nine Coronas!

Alright, I'm going to try this one more time because my last post was a little too brief. We'll call it a test-blog.
I liked class a lot. It seems to have a nice, laid-back vibe so far. I'm still not quite sure how to go about this blog posting thing, but I know I should be including links to certain sites and comment on them, so let me do that now.

I was a little concerned about this place I found:

If you check out the 'studio' link on the sixth finger of the hand in the opening page, and take a look at some of the pictures, they're ridiculously warped and photo-shopped, which I thought was a little stupid. Most of the text seems to be pretty well thought-out, and to-the-point. I dont think I like the overall feel of it though.
One more site for the evening, for good measure:

Ok, besides the fact that this is a website for Corona, it's pretty good, I think. (If you can get over that one font on the left that it usually reserved for Halloween text) It's really straight-forward, and its easy to buy things and check out briefly. Oh, and before you leave, you have to check out the "Nine Coronas" song. (just don't listen to it too much. You're face will melt right off, it gets THAT annoying.)

Class was cool.

And it was.